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Hello ricecracker friends! 

Let's talk a bit about Simply Micho's origin.

Created back in 2008 and originally titled Micho the Ricebug, Micho is a fictional character based on the Taiwanese concept of a "ricebug" which refers to kids munching off their parents' "rice" and just being lazy potatoes. Please check out this comic for an illustrated explanation!

However, Micho evolved into being more of a silly creature simply trying to make you, ricecrackers, smile :) 

Some of you might wonder on Micho's gender and this is where the "ze" comes in.

Micho is a genderless nonbinary character which are fancy words for someone who doesn't identify with neither male or female. Ze is then used as a pronoun instead of he/him, she/hers to stay neutral. Some people like to use they/them as well but Micho identifies with ze/zir.

As every artists, Simply Micho's creator requires your support to keep Micho going. Your likes, shares and follow is what keeps ze motivated to create content for your pretty faces. So please keep the love coming and follow Micho on social media, thank you!

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Who ze are? &What is ZE?

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